The greenhouse

We made our mountain greenhouse out of portable parking structure frame. It served us well! I’ve been thinking about greenhouse options for the ranch…maybe something combined with a small workout room?


We put the sides up on our greenhouse today. Last year we used clear 6 mil plastic for the sides but it didn’t hold up to the sun on the south side. This year we did use the plastic again for part of the enclosure but are also adding clear corrugated panels. The panels are pricey so we’ll only buy a few at a time. The frame for the greenhouse was a hand-me-down, my favorite form of recycling! In its previous life it served as a carport. Last year we cemented the posts into the ground and my husband framed in a doorway. We used an old screen door from the house to finish it off. Our growing season is short here and the warmth in the greenhouse helps to extend it a little.

I started seedlings in the house weeks ago and will give the ground a few more…

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Spring snow

Good Morning!good morning

I once heard someone say that if you don’t like the weather in Colorado, wait five minutes.


Last Thursday we spent the day in the yard—warm sun and a happy, flowing creek.

Friday, THE VERY NEXT DAY, we had sixteen inches of new snow!


Sixteen inches is a lot of snow, even here in the mountains of Colorado. My husband had just finished plowing our driveway for the second time–he needed to get out of the driveway early the next morning for work–and he asked me for a tape measure so he could check just how much snow had accumulated. Sixteen it was.

snow 3

Snow is amazing. It can be tough to drive in, especially in the dark, but the way it covers everything like a big blanket is beautiful to see. This spring snow was very heavy and very wet. Cold snow tends to be light and fluffy. Wet snow is the stuff that can put you out of power for days because of the weight that collects on the power lines.

lots of snow

We were lucky, the power clicked off a few times in the morning but not for long.

snow 4

I kept taking pictures, trying to capture how beautiful it looked standing in our driveway.

As the sun hit the trees, the mass of snow clinging to the branches would break free and shower to the ground. The trick was to be close enough to get a pictures without being hit by the falling snow.

snow 5

snow 6


The first step in overcoming any addiction is acceptance….right?

“Hello, My name is Mountain Girl and I’m addicted to Pinterest.”


love it

Page after page of beautiful photos and ideas—intoxicating. I’ve done the page scroll until I glaze over. Clicking on pictures and ideas that I would love to try if only I had the time.

Today I stopped scrolling and picked an idea I wanted to try.


Laundry Makings

Ingredients were assembled and ready.

I rolled the scroll button one last time…

Peppermint Sugar Scrub!

Peppermint is fantastic. I love peppermint candles, peppermint lotion and peppermint ice cream. The thought of a peppermint scrub is…Intoxicating!

We have wild mint that grows here in the yard and I’ve often wondered what to use it for. Now I’m thinking that it could be dehydrated, crushed and added to this sugar scrub. Focus back on today….

This is the site where I got the recipe for the sugar scrub.

The laundry ingredients forgotten on the wood burning stove, I went to gather what I needed to make the scrub.

Sugar Scrub

  • 2 CWhite Sugar
  • 1/4 c Coconut Oil-I used a bit more as it seemed too crumbly to scoop and scrub
  • a few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil (I used peppermint extract. No at all the same thing but it worked to give the scent in a pinch. I have since ordered some essential oil for the next batch.)
  • Food Coloring-if you want
  • Mason Jar for storage

Measure the sugar


Measure-ish the coconut oil and melt it in the microwave. I didn’t measure it exactly, just chopped out a few good sized chunks.

coconut oil

Stir the sugar and coconut oil and peppermint.


If you want any part of the scrub to be colored, separate and use food coloring. We did just a few drops for a nice pink.

pink and white

Layer it into the jar.


peppermint sugar scrub

Overall, I’m thrilled with this project. I love sugar scrubs but have always felt that they were and expensive extravagance. No more! This is a bit crumbly for me still, something to think on. Coconut oil is always solid in our Mountain house. Maybe a mix of oils? Another day. There are many great ideas on Cincyshopper.

Oh dear, she has a coffee scrub on her site, too.

Thursday at home

I was lucky enough to have Thursday off to just hang out at home. After the cold, icy weekend the sun was a welcome sight. I love it when it’s clear and warm. When you can actually feel the sun warming you down to your bones. Here in the mountains, tucked in the trees we don’t always have that much sun to warm things up.

It was a beautiful day.

no more ice

cold no more

This little tree has always fascinated me. It seems just as happy as can be growing right out of a rock.

tree growing out of a rock

no more ice 2

Throwing rocks is fun, especially when your dog follows them into the water.

chasing rocks

Short sleeves, warm sun.

Welcome Spring.

Welcome Spring?

I was at the Treasure Store yesterday–the thrift store–and the woman in line next to me mentioned that she thought we had officially moved into Spring here in the Colorado mountains.

Today tells a different story. The temps outside have hovered between sixteen and twenty degrees all day. Brrr…

However, the warming sun has finally made a welcome appearance and the ice is starting to melt out of the trees. Every now and then I can hear a small bit of it hitting the metal roof.

When I first took the dogs out this morning I was surprised to see how the ice had coated just about everything.

Ice on the trees 1

Ice in the trees 2

Ice in the trees 3

The branches look like pipe cleaners. Bristled and furry.

Ice in the trees 4

ice in the trees

It almost makes me think of the flocking they spray on Christmas trees, but this is the real deal.

ice on the bridge

The footbridge through the cold trees.

other side of the bridge

Our cold little creek.

cold creek

cold creek 2

I spent so much time in the yard taking pictures that my fingers started to hurt. Now I’m grateful to be warm inside our little mountain house, enjoying the view from the window.

Happy Spring.

Welcome Friends

A bit of country color.

A bit of country color.

Welcome to my new home!

My original blog,, is still hosted here on Unfortunately, the email linked to that blog was idle for too long and Yahoo has recycled it. I can’t activate it again.

Why does that matter?

Because any time a a comment is posted to the site wordpress sends an email alert. I can no longer receive the email alerts for misadventures. So my original blog is still there in all its rustic glory. I hope you will now visit both sites.

Let the misadventures continue…